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BRN Reviews is an official journal of Barcelona Respiratory Network. It is an online, open access, quarterly journal that publishes cutting-edge, high quality, internationally authored reviews on timely topics in respiratory medicine, with an emphasis on their translational aspects.


VOLUME 5 - ISSUE 3 / July-September 2019

Editor's Note

Genes, Telomeres, Allergies and Biomarkers, Key Pathogenic Clues of Chronic Respiratory Diseases
R. Rodriguez-Roisin
BRN Rev 2019;5(3):151-153


Genetic Risk for Developing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Sara L. O'Beirne, Ronald G. Crystal
BRN Rev 2019;5(3):154-168
Mechanisms of the Development of Allergy (MeDALL) Study: A Systems Medicine Approach to Understand Allergic Diseases
Josep M. Antó, J. Bousquet
BRN Rev 2019;5(3):169-183
Telomere-Related Gene Mutations and Lung Diseases: Pulmonary Fibrosis, Emphysema and Lung Cancer
Leandro Sastre, Maria Molina-Molina, Rosario Pena
BRN Rev 2019;5(3):184-200
Usefulness of Biological Clustering Patterns in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Andreas Halner, Mona Bafadhel
BRN Rev 2019;5(3):201-214
Physical Activity and Underlying Muscle Biology in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Leandro Cruz Mantoani, Humberto Silva, Roberto A. Rabinovich
BRN Rev 2019;5(3):215-229


Insights into COPD Epidemiology, Phenotypes and Outcomes from SPIROMICS
Wassim Labaki, Fernando J. Martinez, Meilan Han
COPD exacerbations: current controversies
Shawn Aaron
The case of procalcitonin for lower respiratory tract infections
Meropi Karakioulaki, Daiana Stolz
Primary care implications from the Canadian Cohort of Obstructive Lung Disease (CanCOLD) study
Jean Bourbeau
The Multiple Inert Gas Elimination Technique 50 years later: Lessons Learned
Peter D. Wagner