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BRN Reviews is an official journal of Barcelona Respiratory Network. It is an online, open access, quarterly journal that publishes cutting-edge, high quality, internationally authored reviews on timely topics in respiratory medicine, with an emphasis on their translational aspects.


VOLUME 2 - NUMBER 4 / October - December

Editor's Note

Where BRN Reviews is One and a Half Years After its Launch…
Robert Rodríguez-Roisin

Review Articles

Long-Acting Inhaled Bronchodilators: The Mainstay of COPD Management
Peter J. Barnes
Which Are The Most Relevant Comorbidities In COPD?
Miguel Divo, Carlos Cabrera
Practising Personalized Medicine in Asthma
Gareth Hynes, Rahul Shrimanker, Ian D. Pavord
Phenotyping Asthma and COPD
Peter Gibson, Vanessa M. McDonald
Community-Acquired Pneumonia 2000-2015: What is New?
Catia Cilloniz, Antoni Torres
Exercise Testing in Chronic Respiratory Diseases: Basics and Clinical Implications
Dennis O'Donnell, Nicolle J. Domnik, J. Alberto Neder


Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: What Is the Best Treatment?
Fernando J. Martinez, Xiaoping Wu
Concurrence of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Sleep Apnoea. The other Overlap Syndrome
José María Marín
Positive Effects of CPAP Treatment in OSA: The Evidence?
Marisa Bonsignore
Aging and Chronic Respiratory Disease: Novel Mechanisms
Mauricio Rojas
Differential Features of COPD in China
Wen Fu-Qiang, Yongchun Shen
Nutritional Abnormalities in COPD Patients
Joaquim Gea, Cristina Estirado, Esther Barreiro